The COS-11D is the industry wide standard in ultra-miniature lavalier microphones making it an ideal solution for professional theater, video recording, film and broadcast applications. This lavalier was designed to meet today's HD audio standards while providing greater immunity to RF interference. The COS-11D wiring incorporates exclusive design advances that deal with both digital and digital/analog hybrid RF wireless transmission. Sanken utilizes an exclusive vertical placement of the diaphragm for a much greater effective area within an extremely small casing. The COS-11D comes with a HC-11 tie clip, WS-11 metal windscreen, RM-11 rubber mount and case. Available in Black or Beige.


  • Overcomes digital transmitter RFI
  • Water Resistant
  • Durable Design
  • Great Clear and Rich Sound 
  • Improved Moisture Resistance
  • Original Vertical Diaphragm Design
  • Optimized for the Human Voice

Sanken - COS-11D Lavalier Microphone

  • Brand: Sanken
  • Product Code: COS-11D-LMO, COS-11D-TA5F
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  • $379.00

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