• Voice Technologies - VT500 Lavalier (Wired for TA5)

The VT500 has extremely smooth omni-directional pattern control over a wide frequency range. It is designed for performing talent in broadcast, theatre, film, public address and sound reinforcement among other applications.

Speech clarity is enhanced by a slight frequency emphasis giving excellent voice reproduction while eliminating placement constraints. Due to the unique design of the VT500, noise transmission from handling and clothing movement is kept at a minimum. An integral filter provides efficient RF suppression. The cable is smooth, rugged, sweat proof and has excellent isolation from rubbing noise.

* Wired for Lectrosonics Servo-Bias Inputs SMa, SMV, SMQV, UMa & LMa.

Voice Technologies - VT500 Lavalier (Wired for TA5)

  • $289.00